Pastor’s Corner — Sept 4

Things and patterns have a tendency to change over time! Several decades ago, we knew that school started the day after Labor Day. This year school started in mid-August.  This Monday is Labor Day and a holiday for most of us.  Labor Day is the official ending of the summer vacation and the real beginning… Read More »

Pastor’s Corner — Aug 28

Next Sunday, September 4, there will be an event in Rome that will have a great impact on us and on millions of Catholics, Christians and people of good will. That event is the official canonization of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Pope Francis will officially proclaim Mother Teresa a Saint in the Catholic Church. We… Read More »

Pastor’s Corner – Aug 22

This is the third weekend of the month of August and by now all local schools have begun, even though there were off days due to serious problems with the recent rains and flooding.  One of the many significant activities of our community and of our families, the education of our children is surely at… Read More »

Pastor’s Corner – Aug 14

August 14, 2016 Our Catholic and Christian faith focuses on Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior, who is both God and man. In the Incarnation, God and man are united in the person of Jesus Christ. The role of Mary, the Mother of the Savior, is essential and necessary in the life of Christ.  The… Read More »

Pastor’s Corner – Aug 7

As I said at all the Masses this past weekend, I ask your prayers for Father David Broussard, the former Pastor of St. Bernard Church in Breaux Bridge. Father David was arrested last week for possessing child pornography on his personal computer. Bishop Douglas Deshotel immediately relieved Father David of his pastoral responsibilities. This past… Read More »

Pastor’s Corner – July 31

Last weekend in my semi-annual report to you about the finances of our Church Parish, I quoted from the words of Moses to the Jewish people about how they were to approach the altar of the Lord in their worship and service of the Lord. “No one shall appear before the Lord empty-handed, but each… Read More »

Pastor’s Corner – July 24

The single most important aspect of our lives is how we serve, worship and honor God. Our worship of God centers on how we as a community gather on the Lord’s Day to offer him honor, praise and sacrifice. Part of our devotion to the Lord is to come to Mass every Sunday (or Saturday)… Read More »

Pastor’s Corner – July 17

Last Sunday the Gospel reading was the parable of the Good Samaritan and that passage, Luke 10:25-37, was your homework for the week. I hope that you as an individual and as a family did the home work and discussed the meaning of that great teaching in how you act, especially in how you treat… Read More »

Pastor’s Corner – July 10

We are half way through the summer vacation and I pray that you have had a safe, enjoyable, relaxing and refreshing few weeks. We all have our preferences about how we spend our vacation: some like the beach, some like camping, some like visiting friends and relatives, some like going to places that refresh and inspire us,… Read More »

Pastor’s Corner – July 3

While in high school, our course in American History focused primarily on the early days of our country, especially on the struggle for independence from Great Britain for America to become an independent nation. From that time, it was emphasized how important July 4, 1776 was to us who are citizens of the United States… Read More »