Faith for Families Harvest Fest

Faith for Families Harvest Fest

November 14, 2017

The attitude of gratitude theme rang true, as the families attending Harvest Fest on Nov. 5 were grateful to have beautiful weather to picnic, play, and visit with other parishioners.

Many thanks go out to all of the gracious volunteers who helped with Faith For Families Harvest Fest: the Sunshine Committee, Knights of Columbus, Carly & Phyllis Broussard, Lauren Dietz and her family, the Stephens family, Sierra and Melissa Guilbeau, Tracey & Madison Rogers, Nelda Martin, Sydney Thomassee, the Angelle family, Catherine Richard, Brianna Richard, Lori Garza, Justina Ina, Cynthia Beckwith, Judy Greig, Jolynn and David Dean, David Lormand, Karl Barry, Rachel and Olivia Tolliver, the Fermin family, the Barry family, and the Hill family.

Special thanks to Fr. Hebert, Tonia Harrington, and the Faith Formation Committee.

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