Pastoral Council Position

Pastoral Council Position

We have an opening for a new Pastoral Council Member. Council Members must be in good standing with the Church and be willing to serve for a three (3) year commitment. The Pastoral Council meets quarterly.

Any interested person may contact the office to fill this position. If more than one person applies, we will place ballots for parishioners to vote.

Please contact the office by August 29, 2022, if you would like to be considered for the Pastoral Council.


INTRODUCTION: Every parish is to have a Parish Pastoral Council composed of parish leaders who serve as an advisory group to the Pastor/Parish Life Coordinator for the pastoral care of the faith community.



  • The Pastor/Parish Life Coordinator or the canonical administrator is ultimately responsible for the parish.
  • The role of the council is to assist the Pastor/Parish Life Coordinator in fostering activities in the faith community it serves.
  • Each council is governed by a written constitution approved by the Bishop.
  • The Parish Pastoral Council can only be dissolved by the Bishop.
  • When a change of pastor occurs, the Parish Pastoral Council ceases upon the departure of the previous pastor.
  • The incoming Pastor/Parish Life Coordinator is to establish a new Parish Pastoral Council within six months.
  • Parish Pastoral Councils are to meet at least quarterly.